TinyMCE 4 plugin Picasa – Google+ album and images plugin

A drag and drop plugin for the new tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor.
( Build with Bootstrap version 3 build 2 )

Grab yout albums and images from Picasa or Google+, see a preview and insert into the tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor

You can select some params like title, size, align or open larger image with a lightbox

Klik hier om de video af te spelen

A great way for editors to quickly insert images into content pages.
So why still use an image manager if you can control your images in Google+ and use them in your content

The user ID and the used image width will be saved in a cookie so you don’t have to search for your ID all the time for one year !

For a demo look here

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