Facebook Page (access) token generator for my apps

Since the cambridge scandal last year facebook restricted their API more and more.
The only way now to get public contents from facebook is that you are the admin of that page and use a User (access) token or Page token

Difference between the tokens

  • User (access) token is only valid for 2 months ( then you need to get a new one )
  • Page token expires never ( unless you reset you're facebook password )

A way to get the user (access) or page token is to go to the facebook developer page https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/ and get it it there.
That's not a simple way for a non developer.

So, I made a little tool for my plugin facebook buyers to get an accestoken for their facebook page.
After buying one of the facebook apps you can use you're license code to get the facebook page token

facebook page token facebook page token

NOTE: We won't save any facebook page or acces tokens ! 

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