Social SEO responsive landing page based on the content from a facebook page ( supplemented with twitter and youtube )

A one page SEO responsive solution for a small business or event website or a replacement for a mobile website completely based on facebook data with twitter, youtube playlists and Bootstrap

All the data (including header image’s ect.) printed comes from facebook (graph API json), twitter (widget) and youtube (playlist player). Also included a lang file so you can easy change the language to your needs.

With some html knowledge you can easily add some more content since the core page is just one html file

At this moment Dutch, French, German and English are added to the lang file.
Support for Arabic, Persian and Hebrew languages.

This app comes with my youtube responsive playlist player !


For a demo visit this page and resize your browser. You will see the responsive effect. I have set up five demo’s so you get the picture how it looks like

It is also easy to change the layout if you have some knowledge of html, css and php

Klik hier om de video af te spelen

Speciale aanbieding !!

Voor hosting ( domein op onze eigen servers ) € 140,-- per jaar en de app SEO facebook landings pagina geheel gratis en klaargemaakt.

Deze app is ideaal te gebruiken voor een tijdelijke website van een bedrijf, als promotie pagina, een evenement of bijv. een nieuwbouwprojekt

Bekijk hier enkele gebruikers:

Restaurant De Knip


Bed & Breakfast 't Rheebokje in Uddel

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